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saatchi's sensations (exhibition at the brooklyn museum)

updated fri 8 oct 99


Janet Kaiser on thu 7 oct 99

Do not worry Mel, it was not your laptop that suddenly jumped list whilst =
were away playing with fire and water. This IS Clay Art, just that everyone =
gone a little do-lally=21 Mayor Gully, (oops=21) has a lot to answer for in =
New York=21

I cannot remember what the abbreviation is for =22rolling around on the =
laughing hysterically=22, but all the comments and soul searching going on =
on and off list) is just too precious. Is it only a week ago I asked someone
(off-list) what the reaction to =22Sensations=22 was in the US? I got a =
blank look
back... But, I guess the last few days have put everyone in the picture. And=
be it for me to be the exception...

One of the points that no one seems to have made first: the exhibition
=22Sensations=22 is a travelling exhibition of work chosen from the Saatchi
collection. But, what everyone needs to realise, is that Saatchi is an =
speculator=22. He gives young artists =22a break=22 by buying their work =
dead cheap) then promoting it and them. He makes the unknown artist famous =
therefore extremely expensive. He is laughing all the way to the bank... =
loose. Except he has a Damian Hirst shark in formaldehyde which I believe is
very smelly and does not amuse him at all. But I digress..

=22Promotion=22 is his job in the real world too... He is a publicity =
image maker, advertising guru... Whatever you care to call it, Saatchi =26 =
(two brothers) are there to sell products. Usually for others, but when it =
to his art collection - probably all tax deductible - he is making sure his
investment is secure and repays him multi-fold.

How very clever=21 No Xmillion to pay for a van Gogh or a Renoir=21 Oh=21 =
MARKET=21 Buy cheap, sell expensive. Get everyone with their underwear in a =
on the way and you have it made=21 One piece to upset the audience in each =
city it
is due to appear. In London and the UK it was a child killer and torturer. =
the US it is the Virgin Mary and Elephant poo. The question is, where does
=22Sensations=22 go next? Which piece of work is programmed to upset the =

It is all just one big calculated scam=21 A cynical ploy=21 Very clever to =
get lots
of people up on their high horses: art, politics, religion, THE LOT=21=21 =
All those
subjects you are told to avoid if you do not want to loose friends... =
more than a smoke screen=21 Sorry Folks, but you, the press, the media, the
Brooklyn Museum, the good old mayor... Everyone has been well and truly =
in=21 Except Mr. Saatchi and his ailing bank account.

Ah=21 Yes=21 Forgot to mention that... He was reported to be down to his =
last few
million last year. Something about bad accounts and claims from his clients =
included Margaret Thatcher and the Tory party).

Janet =22The Cynic=22 Kaiser
cynic: 1. person with a pessimistic view of human nature 2. (Cynic) one of a
school of ancient Greek philosophers showing contempt for ease and pleasure =
Pocket Oxford Dictionary).

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