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bent wheel head screws (not what i read!!)

updated fri 8 oct 99


Janet Kaiser on thu 7 oct 99

My only excuse is it is past 2 a.m. and it has been a hard day, but I took a
double take:
"Too many wenches are aggravating to keep up with"

Well, there is surely no one prepared to disagree with that?
(Even if tempers are a bit hot at the moment).

Sorry Elizabeth, but I am still laughing....

Janet Kaiser

---------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Too many wrenches are aggravating to keep up with.
>So I took my bat pins out and took them to the hardware
>store. I said "I want four more of these, only not
>allen wrench type, the type that I can put a wing nut
>underneath the wheel to keep it tight." I had a bat
>with me to check for fit in the bat-holes.
>I bought four in case someone lost the bat pins.
>Oddly enough, now that they are wing-nutted tight,
>no-one has decided to take them out and lose them!
>Elizabeth Priddy