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an interesting story from the aftermath of floyd

updated tue 5 oct 99


Sheron Roberts on mon 4 oct 99

I found this little story interesting
as well as amusing. My dear
friend/teacher/mentor had finally
realized his dream of buying a
home on our local lake. The house
has a pier that goes out over the lake
and terminates with a little
boat house. The =22boat house=22 of
course is just a deck with a roof on
it as the local ordinances do not allow
for =22solid=22 structures to be built over
the water. Anyway, my friend has
a little shimpo he sits under the
shelter and throws on while enjoying
the serenity of the lake. His home is
on the most isolated side of the lake.
He smokes and had made for himself
a little pot with a lid to keep his cigarette
ashes and filters in, not wanting to pollute
the lake in any way.
We had gotten into a lengthy discussion
on lids one day and their importance, etc..
He had to go away to PA just before the
storm hit and had forgotten the pot on the
end of the pier. When he returned the lake
had flooded well beyond its banks.
After the water receded enough to reveal the
piers again, he walked to the boat house.
There on the end of the pier was the lid to
his ash pot, but no pot.
Somewhere at the bottom of the lake
lies his pot. But he still has the lid.

He is still trying to figure that one out.

Sheron in NC (thinking maybe the
water sprites needed a lidless pot)