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domain name half price until oct 5.

updated sun 3 oct 99


Katie Cordrey on sat 2 oct 99

Fellow Clayarters,

There has been discussion on and off about domain names and web pages. For
those who want a domain name but find the $70 initial registration a little
steep, this is a goo deal.

I received a notice from a domain name provider of a special LIMITED TIME
offer which allows you to register your domain name for $35 for TWO years.
This is half-price.

It so happens I've used this service at full price. I have no interest other
than passing along a good deal. But, this is the THIRD time I've sent this
and I haven't seen it appear on the list. (Nor for that matter have my
comments about personal style or a couple of other subjects.) Do I have bad
breath? Is it an inappropriate item?

Puzzled, as usual.


TWO YEARS registration for the price of ONE! Only $35!
(Regular fee $70. Save $35!)

FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! (Now thru October 5th)

We want you to check out's newest FREE service and
are willing to offer, for the first time in the history of the Internet,
the opportunity to register a domain name that includes TWO YEARS
registration for the price of ONE! The new service is called and is the Internet's first stand-alone site that brings
"whois" information back together again under "one roof".

To qualify for this limited-time offer, you must go to
this special URL:

More about

With the break-up of the Network Solutions monopoly in registering
domain names (just in case you haven't heard, is one
of the first new officially accredited registrars!), domain name
information that was once easily accessed from one central site
(InterNIC) is now spread out among multiple sites (all the new
registrars). Simply put, checking domain name availability or
ownership information just got a lot harder. But makes it
easy again! searches the databases of all the new domain
name registrars.

Check out now and be sure to tell your friends! But
remember, your friends must also use this special URL to get a
domain name with TWO YEARS registration for the price of ONE!

This offer has not been announced to the general public and expires
October 5, 1999.