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rr clear matte and glaze workshops

updated sat 2 oct 99


Joan & Tom Woodward on fri 1 oct 99

Hi Clayarters,

Back in July when the Alaska sky was still blue instead of gray, Pam Duncan
responded to a post from Vivian Budnik regarding a matte transparent glaze =
would work over Amaco underglazes. Pam recommended a glaze acquired from =
one of
Ron Roy's students. Wonder if Pam continued testing the glaze and if Vivian=
good luck with it?

Seems to me I've read praises from clayarters for glaze workshops by Ron =
Dannon Rhudy, and Ian Curie. Don't know if Tony does them too and whether =
Insight calculations are a separate matter. Wonder if any glaze gurus would=
interested in coming to Alaska next summer?? We could throw in some great
sightseeing=21 If not, I'd be interested in the schedules for any of these =
for 2000 and any discussion about the differences in their approaches. I'm
eager to learn, but definitely mathematically challenged=21 (My husband =
congratulated me when he was able to balance the checkbook two months =
without problematic entries (or lack thereof) on my part.)

Thanks for any responses. Joan in Alaska.