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sv: trip to nyc

updated thu 30 sep 99


Alisa and Claus Clausen on wed 29 sep 99


Personally I would like to see a solo show of Steven Heinemann's pottery. =
He is
a potter from Ontario. Maybe Tom knows him? His pots are described as
=22traditional, contemporary, even forward looking=22 and reflects the =
meeting of
contemporary art and the world of ancient, anonymous bowl makers. Show at =
Nancy Margolis Gallery, 560 Broadway (Prince Street), thruough Oct. 9.

Metropolitan Museum had a superb show I saw in April called =22Clay into =
Selections from the Contemporary Ceramics Collection in The Metropolitan =
of Art=22. (One year when I was working there, a big issue was the name, =
Metropolitan Museum of Art, or The Metropolitan Museum of Art - it was =
to be The Metropolitan Museum of Art ..... trivia for today). I think it =
down now, BUT, the 20th Century dept. may have some of the items on view
throughout their galleries.

Once you get there, you can get New York Magazine and the (The?) Gallery =
for all sorts of good references.
Have a nice trip. I will be there also from Oct. 13-22, but I will be more =
the book stores I think=21).

Alisa from Denmark