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george wright's sculpture clay

updated wed 29 sep 99


Nikom Chimnok on tue 28 sep 99

I was so impressed with George Wright's formula that I copied into
my files. Never got a chance to try it, because I can't locate any nylon
fibers locally. Anyway:

Custer Feldspar 3.97
Bentonite 0.79
Kenucky Ball 15.87
Lincoln 60 Fireclay 39.67
Silica sand (70 mesh) 15.87
grog (20 mesh) 23.80
nylon fiber 0.04
At 13:18 27/9/99 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>George Wright makes a clay called 'hair of the dog' it has fiber in it and
is an
>extremely strong sculptural high fire clay... There is a article in CM last
>year...sorry don't remember the issue, that gives Wright's receipt.
>As has been said, drying is also important.
>Thanks for the newspaper idea... I'll try it.
>Curt Lacross wrote:
>> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>> Help, I need a large sculpture body. The forms I am constructing are
>> life size and I am having a little problem will cracking. Any
>> suggestions?
>> Curt