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sculpture clay for large scale works; a

updated tue 28 sep 99


Nan Smith on mon 27 sep 99

Dear Curt:

I have formulated a fine sculpture clay body which I use and offer for
student use at the University of Florida. I make large scale work and tiles
with this recipe which I formulated to do this well. It has been published
in Ceramics Monthly (February 1996) and is being sold by Axner Pottery. The
recipe is:

Nan Smith Sculpture and Tile Clay Cone 03

Talc 10
AP Green Fireclay 18
Cedar Heights Goldart 24
OM4 Ball Clay 16
Ocmulgee or Lizella 7
Silica Sand (Fine) 20
Fine Grog 20

115 Parts

I have more info on my website handouts at:

Hope this helps,

Nan Smith, Professor
Area Coordinator Ceramics Program
School of Art and Art History
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University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611
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