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updated wed 29 sep 99


Russel Fouts on mon 27 sep 99

It's not something I've seen since the seventies. I guess you'd call it a
"plant pole" but this one seems to be heavier. It turned up in the tool room
after being abandoned somewhere in the house. I took it! It's an enameled
white, spring loaded pole that I can jamb in between the floor and ceiling
of my studion. About the only time I've ever been thankful for that low
ceiling. What's it good for?

- Bungie cord my drill to it so I can mix sig unattended anywhere the 70
litre barrel of sig happens to be.
- Hang a mirror on it anwhere you happen to be handbuilding.
- In the summer, I could strap a fan to it to cool me
- Set it up near my wheel with a fan attached to quick dry revolving pots,
or even my hair dryer! (used also for drying pots, gave up hairdryers in the
mid seventies)
- Bend stiff wire into wrap around hooks for hanging things from it like a
tool and slip bucket for standing potters!
- If I had two, I could probably figure out a way to hang ware boards from
- Jamb it between the door and the opposite wall to keep from being over-run
with customers (I wish!)

I think this is going to become one of my favorite tools.


Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
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Mobile: +32 476 55 38 75
Http:// on tue 28 sep 99

Hi Russel, and other "extenda-pole" users!

One more use: fit the pole between the door jamb, just above head height, and
use it to exercise with! Pull-ups or just hanging onto the pole, with feet
off the ground, is good for a tired back. (note: I recommend this for shorter
folks--taller potters might need higher "head room!").

Milton NakedClay@AOL.COM

Sheron Roberts on tue 28 sep 99

Thanks for the idea, Russell=21
I have an old spring-loaded pole lamp
from the seventies, one of the first
household items my husband and I
purchased. I just couldn't part with
it over the years. The thing still works
also. Along with your ideas I think I
can give this old lamp a new life
(instead of being used as a hat rack
in a storage room)

Mason Batchelder on tue 28 sep 99

It could be one of the basement jacks used to give support to the floor