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clay water filters- safety /reality

updated tue 28 sep 99


Ditmar/Gayle on mon 27 sep 99

I'm concerned about the potential safety and liability of the homemade water
filters that some potters are talking about making.

Water filters, especially =22homemade=22, can give a dangerous sense of =
security and
potentially do more harm than good.
Even if they're properly made, some soluble items can still pass through, as
well as some viruses. (even with the colloidal silver) The tragic flooding =
in NC
is turning the water into a witches brew, and we can't be sure of what's in =
Contamination of groundwater is becoming a concern.
I'm not totally against the idea. BUT what if secondary treatment of the =
might be necessary to guard against other pathogens or toxins.

With the extreme danger of some microbes in our environment these days, even=
bit of contaminated water dropping into the =22clean=22 water when refilling=
filter, could have serious consequences.

How can you guarantee the proper use of the filters, and who is responsible =
there is illness or worse.

I recognize the need to reach out and help others in times of hardship, but =
need to take a realistic look at how that is best accomplished.
In my opinion, the time and energy to sift, mix, throw, fire, test, package =
ship might be better spent.
If you're close enough to the problem area, physically being there and =
people clean up and offering friendship is probably more important. It's not=
solitary as sitting at your wheel, and certainly more rewarding...for both
If you can't be there, CALL the Red Cross or other relief organization, and =
WHAT they need, either monetary or other donated items.
Because we're potters and want to help, let's not assume they need or want
ceramic filters =21 (There may even be regulations that forbid the =
use, who knows)

OK, I'm off the soapbox

>From Alohaland, Ditmar.