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nameless problem suppliers, etc

updated thu 23 sep 99


Earl Brunner on wed 22 sep 99

Numerous times on this list I have read posts by people complaining
about the service or business methods or other dealings with suppliers ,
galleries... whatever. If you do not name the source of the problem, it
does little to no good. I'm not an attorney, but I don't think you can
be sued for libel if it isn't libel. Libel is not the truth. If it is
the truth, what would be the grounds for suing? I don't do business
twice with people that take advantage of me and I find out about it. I
don't mind sharing my opinions with others, why would I want others to
have the same bad experience? If you are not going to name, then don't
tell us about it. At least put it in the heading of your message so I
can delete without reading it you don't.

Earl Brunner