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kiln shelf & baking

updated sat 25 sep 99


Ditmar/Gayle on tue 21 sep 99

I'm also one of the kiln shelf in the oven aficionados. If it gets cheese =
from a
pizza or other gunk on it, I just let it go through a self cleaning cycle. =
off the ash and I'm ready to trash it again.
For those who use flour or cornmeal / grits to dust the shelf, you know how =
of a mess it can get to be. I go to a bakery and buy pan liners from them. (
usually about 15 cents for a 16 x 20 sheet. ) Commercial size parchment =
paper. I
let the bread do it's final rise on the paper, placed on top of a flat =
sheet. Just slide it off the sheet onto the stone with the paper... No mess,=
(If you use a stone, let the oven preheat longer than the 10 or 15 minutes
recipes call for.)

As far as sterilizing stoneware, well, I'm of the opinion that bleach is BS.=
can't properly rinse it, just put the piece in the oven, empty, and heat
sterilize it if you're paranoid.

>From Alohaland, Ditmar.
Happy Fall everyone =21=21=21 My one walnut, and a few of the persimmons are=
to show some color.

Sharon R Pemberton on fri 24 sep 99

After years of using bomb fins for pizza pans, I switched to kiln shelves for
all of my baking needs. I also use high heat to clean when necessary, but
have never felt the need to sterilize due to the cooking temp. If there are
any critters growin' in there, they are bite it the next time I cook.

Hasta from the micro-burst ridden desert, Pug