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my penland workshop

updated sat 18 sep 99


Eydie DeVincenzi on fri 17 sep 99

I took a week-long moldmaking class at Penland in North Carolina (1 hr
north of Asheville). Kate Blacklock was our instructor.

The class was great. I really learned to appreciate plaster. After we
made the plaster casts, we 'popped out' several molds and then built up
pieces from there. All handbuilding. Wonderful creativity in the class.

Penland sits in a lovely valley and is watched over by three llamas. The
food was beyond exquisite. Lots of fresh veggies, Fresh salid offerings
for lunch and dinner. I'm not a vegetarian, but I ended up eating a lot of
their vegetarian dishes -- they were so-o-o-o good. Great meat entrees.
Prepared by people who really really love their artform. People could
enjoy their meals outside, or outside at big round tables where people
could enjoy wonder conversations with lots of people from other art

Studios are open 24 hrs/day - that was the good news and the bad news for
me. I spent too many late evenings in the clay studio. By Friday, I was
exhausted and had to leave prematurely on Saturday morning before the =
and Tell=22 at 11am -- A get together in their big hall where people from =
the art classes showed their work to each other.

The studios are well equipped and lighted.

I really liked the fact that we were welcomed at Penland early on Sunday
and were encouraged to stay on Saturday. There were people who even stayed
over on Saturday night.

The housing (and parking), on the other hand, are not up to the
superlatives above. They are aware of the problems and are working on
building better housing options.

One suggestion to Penland (and other art camps): I know it's a chore, but
how about helping people share rides? At dinner on the first night I sat
next to a lady from Rockville, MD (the next town over from where I live)=21
She had been looking for a ride. But when I registered, I asked Penland to
tell people from MD, VA and DC that I would be happy to pick them up on my
way to NC, they said: =22we don't do that=22. How about using your website =
a rideshare exchange?

Eydie DeVincenzi