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workshop with douglas phillips

updated fri 17 sep 99


A. Francis on thu 16 sep 99

=3E Hello all,

=3E The Interlaken School of Art is offering a workshop with master potter
=3E Douglas Phillips. His roots come from years with Michael Cardew, and
=3E traditional wood firing in central France, lending a truly utilitarian
=3E flavor to his rich and humble =22everyday pots=22. Douglas prepares his=
=3E clay and single fires his work with wood at his studio, Ridge Pottery in
=3E Queen Camel, England.
=3E On day one of this weekend, Douglas will describe his production cycle
=3E at Ridge pottery, with slides of his kilns, clay preparation, etc. He
=3E will demonstrate a wide variety of his thrown forms, referring
=3E throughout to the broad historic perspective that he draws from. =93A
=3E potter has to learn to use body and hands in capturing movement with an
=3E economy of motion and a deftness of hand that brings living pots,
=3E individuals each, quickly off the wheel head, not a production line of
=3E lifeless sameness.=94
=3E Day two will continue with trimming, handles and finishing demonsrations
=3E as well as a discussion of surface treatments, sensitivity of the
=3E decorative elements to the form being fundamental. =93Make music flow
=3E with the brush, dance around a pot with a slip and glaze trailer, bring
=3E quiet reflection to a vase, have fun.=94 Day two will include time for
=3E hands on work according to the student=92s interest.
=3E The Interlaken School of Art is located in the beautiful Berkshires of
=3E western Massachusetts, 2 1/2 hours from New York, 2 1/2 hours from
=3E Boston, and one hour from Albany. Call us at 413 298 5252 for further
=3E information, or E-mail