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updated thu 16 sep 99


gail sheffield on wed 15 sep 99


You will recall a recent post from Eric Rowe, who lives in France, and who
has written a manuscript called "Geology for Potters." He asked for input
from you as to whether it would be marketable to potters if he could get it
published. For technical reasons, he is off-list, but he asked me to post
his website, which now contains the introduction to that book. The web site
is at . I hope you will
visit, because I have "been there, done that," and know how helpful (not to
mention painful) knowledgeable comments can be. Also, you can e-mail him
directly at or through me, or, if you post to Clayart
so that a good discussion can be had, I will forward the postings to him.

Gail Sheffield
Covington, LA