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cm september1980 a great magazine!...+

updated thu 16 sep 99


ababy sharon on wed 15 sep 99

About a month ago I e-mailed to ClayArt about the Delhi Glaze.The answers I
got were very interesting and from just a technical letter it develop to a
lovely story about a great Ceramic Artist from India.
When I read it ,it was from a photographed paper of CM of the 9/80 that was
I thought in my studio.
At the same time I asked about a spreygun I was sure I saw in a CM.
When time arrived to clean the mass around the computer I found the article
called"A practical Glaze Sprayer" by Jim Allen in the same
magazine(9/1980).It looks very simple,more like an air brush.the pictures
are very important so look for it over there.
An elder Artist in my kibbutz lent my an old book, may be you know it, is
a very interesting "how to" in ceramics from small tools through wheels to
kilns.The book is:

Building Pottery Equipment By Roger Harvey and Sylvia and John Kolb
Watson-Guptill Publisher 1976/new York( I write The year in 4 numbers
against bad luck&Bugggs)
Pitman /London
I had wheels that were built from that book and they worked!