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sono tubes (was re: new packing method)

updated wed 15 sep 99


Valice Raffi on tue 14 sep 99

I've used Sono tubes for pedestals and they work great. I use a wood round
slightly larger for a base which I've attached with a glue called Weld
Bond. For the top, I've used a larger round piece of wood with a smaller
one attached. The smaller one fits inside the Sono tube & prevents the top
from sliding.

I recently noticed that Home Depot is carrying Sono tube, but I only saw it
there in fairly small diameters. At the more specialized construction
stores, or at concrete supply places, you can get quite large diameters,
which are steadier. You do buy it buy the foot, (available in light or
heavy weight). The last time I bought it, the 10" was $2.67 per ft.

in Sacramento

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>> Have you looked into sono tubes/they are round
>> tubes that come in differing diameters and heights. They are used to form
>> column shapes for such things as freeway supports made of concrete and are
>> sold by diameter and height $/EACH.I think Thomas Register or the yellow
>> pages would be where to find them. A number of galleries I have seen and
>> artists at crafts fairs use them as pedestals as well as packing tubes.
>> These
>> are very strong and would not likely be damaged in shipping.
>These tubes are now available at Lowe's and Home Depot here. They have them
>in various sizes and are probably cheaper than at concrete places.
>Bobbi in Central PA