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updated wed 15 sep 99


Janet Kaiser on tue 14 sep 99

Firstly, could I make a request? When recommending a book, could everyone =
make a habit of including the publisher AND the ISBN?

I am not just being pedantic (well, only a very little :-) but when I go to =
book seller, that is the first question I get. And because many of the books
recommended on this list are published outside the UK, it is very difficult =
source them without this information.

And before you say =22search the web=22, some of us do still support local =
stores and do not buy via Much as some of us buy pots made by =
live local potters and not from pots-r-us outfits.

It must be even more frustrating for the folk on this list who are not in
English speaking countries. Please give us ALL a thought when you are (very
kindly) passing on your book tips=21

Secondly, a tip to those who request books on specific subjects:
Be aware that some books are better than others when you work in one country=
the book you have been recommended originated in another country...

I was only talking to a British potter at the weekend, who was given a great
tome of a book on glazes by a well-meaning husband, only to find it was not =
=22best thing since sliced bread=22 for her, because it was written and =
published in
the USA. She very rarely uses it because she finds a lot of the information =
country/region specific.

Thanks for your cooperation=21

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art, Criccieth LL52 0EA, GB-Wales
Home of The International Potters Path WHICH NEEDS ANOTHER 4,445 TILES=21=21