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oh my god, again!

updated wed 15 sep 99


Kurt Wild on tue 14 sep 99

I was alone when I opened the package from Tony and Sheila Clennell and
out loud I said: "Oh my God!" I said that last week when I got the new
book "The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz" and saw the fine lined intricate
designs of so many of the potters of Mata Ortiz pictured there. This
time I said it as I stripped away the bubble wrap and got my first
glimpse of a wood fired pot. I got more thrilled and pleased as I
turned the piece round and round ("fondled" it)enjoying the nice range
of woodfire effects. Tony had told me he was going to pick out a piece
to send that he didn't think I could decorate. Well Tony, I would not
have wanted to decorate that piece, although it might have been an
interesting tough challenge; I won't even think more of it because the
woodfire did such a GREAT job -- a bit of runny ash glaze look, a patch
of grey, a dry area, orange with a bit of a sheen and some tan and then
a bit of that crusty sandy woodfire stuff , not the least of which is to
say it was all on an interesting shaped pot --- what more is there to
have/want on a wood fired pot????

There was also a little package that helped add to my joy -- a mug of

I hope they have MANY MORE successful firings and great pots! As soon as
I can get a local friend over with a digital camera I'll post a message
that I've put some shots of the pots on my web site.

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