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fw: good books?

updated wed 15 sep 99


Deborah Bouchette on tue 14 sep 99

If you get this book, just don't get =22thrown=22 by the section on =
glazes. The recipes are rather confusing for a beginner: they are not in
=22standard=22 formula (they don't add up to 100 plus additions), and they =
listed by temperature rather than cone number.

now 15 years in Oregon
Deborah Bouchette

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From: Caroline Saunders
Sent: Monday, September 13, 1999 11:16 AM
Subject: Re: good books?

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The Complete Potter's Companion by Tony Birks is an excellent book for a
beginner and worth buying for yourself. It covers wheel work, handbuilding,
glazing, techniques of decorating and firing. There are lots of clear
colour photographs both illustrating techniques and showing quality
examples. What is more the quality of the paper used and format of the book
means you can happily take it into the studio. Clay fingerprints will just
wipe off=21

Devon, UK

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=3E two or three good books for total novices? I have a wheel and kiln and
=3E kiln furniture and glaze and even the clay :)