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book on glazing

updated mon 13 sep 99


Wade Blocker on sun 12 sep 99

Dear Phyliss,

I have a collection of most texts that deal with glazes. My
favorite one is by John W. Conrad "Ceramic Formulas: the complete
compendium". The glazes are arranged by cones,
that is temperature, whether or not they run and what they look like. I
have found nothing I liked in Chappells book, but then that is a question
of taste. Emmanuel Cooper "The Potter`s Book of Glaze Recipes is
worthwhile looking at. I realize that if you have a couple of good glazes
you can have lots of variations depending on the oxide additions.
Personally it would bore me to death. I always like to experiment with new
glazes and glaze efffects for my ware. To each his own. Mia in ABQ