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25 year retrospect show (long)

updated mon 13 sep 99


Marcia Selsor on sun 12 sep 99

What a strange experience but a lot of fun to see students from way
The reception was a few hours ago. My sweet husband and I relaxed
afterwards at home playing fetch with our dog who'd been home alone all day.
Class began at 7:50 am -10. Worked on slab roller, bought and replaced a
bearing and adjusted cables until 12:30. Trained a new work study to mix
2-3:40 dentist
Home and what to wear (?) Ironed clothes for me and my husband.
5:30 Students' exhibiton at the Healing Center at our local hospital
6-7 Dean's party for faculty at his house.
THEN My Reception for "Celebrating 25 years of Teaching at MSU-Billings"
What a blast!!!!!! I had students from 25 years ago show up for the
event. Biggest crowd in ages at our gallery. I was really moved.
It is also very weird to look back over 25 years (1/2 my life) and
remember what I was thinking when I made this or that. WOW! It is no
wonder my husband says my train of thought needs air bags. He's right!
My work has really covered a lot of ground. My favorite series is this:
In 1985 I taught a course for art teachers in Montana to teach ceramics
without a budget (typical of Montana Educational funding). We dug clay
and fired with cow manure-plentiful resource here both literal and metaphorical.
Anyway, my class included a few Crow students and on our way to the
Custer National Forest in the Pryor Mountains, we stopped at one
students' unlce's sacred spring for water on the Crow reservation. Then
we dug some clay in the national forest. Then we drove up towards the
Dryhead overlook and in a cloud of mist, our two carloads of students
were surrounded by a herd of wild horses coming up from behind our
right, crossing our path and disappearing down into a ravine. When they
were gone, we got out of the cars and said "wow, did you see that??!!"
It was what started my series about the Mustangs in the Pryor Mountains.
It happened so fast that no one could have taken a picture.
Anyway, the 25 year retrospect show was a wonderful experience. I can
now maybe relax a little and start sharing those ^ 6 reduction glazes.
We have celedons, copper reds etc. -damn fine stoneware looking glazes
at much reduced BTUs.-been doing them for 20 years.
-had a bit of vino and going to bed.
Marci in Montana

Marcia Selsor