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new! online newsletter for ceramic artist

updated sat 11 sep 99


Andrew R. Clift on fri 10 sep 99

ClayStation Conveyor

Issue #1 | Date: 9|9|99|

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Table of Contents:

ClayStation Services
ClayStation Publicity
Call for Entries
Opportunities in Clay
Best Ceramic Sites of Fall
Teachers Section
Ceramic Suppliers Section


I am happy to present to you the first issue of the ClayStation

The internet is a good tool for ceramic artists, and clay related
businesses to get their products and creations seen. But the ClayStation
makes the internet an even better tool for ceramic artists and
clay-related businesses to get recognized.

There are already tons of great ceramic resources on the net.
Clay-related web pages have popped up like crazy in the past few years.
After using the ClayStation you will see that it organizes many of these
resources for easier access.

The Next Step...

The ClayStation already has a solid structure, but now it is time expand
and build onto that structure. This can be done with the help of the
wide ceramics community. The ClayStation provides the perfect
to come together and show millions of people why ceramic art is so

Coming Together ...

First of all, the ClayStation is calling for links to technical ceramic
resource sites, ceramic artists sites, and ceramic gallery sites, and
ever else you think might be a good resource for the audience of the
ClayStation. Submitting a Link is free and always will be, so there's no
reason to hold back. Click here to
submit a link.

Secondly, the ClayStation is calling for writers. Would you like to
write about a specialized process you use in ceramics? Maybe you have
already written a ceramics related article and you just need a
publicized place to share it. Well, why not submit it to the
ClayStation? At the present moment you may submit an article on a
volunteer basis. It isn't going to cost you anything and this is a good
way to get some recognition in your field. When you submit an article it
may be published in this newsletter, or else will go into the
ClayStation's Ceramx Technical Article Page or possibly the Ceramic
Resource Article and History Page. Click here submit an article.


Finally, the ClayStation is looking to design web sites for ceramic
artists. All these sites will go into the Ceramic Showcase, where
can show and sell their work. Click here, to see an example the
general layout and great price of the Artist Showcase page. Click here to see the
different packages and the affordable prices the ClayStation has to

Wow! The first five customers will receive 50% off of the web site
design costs, plus your web site will be placed into the ClayStation's
Ceramic ShowCase for free for the whole first year.

ClayStation's Ceramic Showcase is also looking to design web sites for
ceramic studios, ceramic suppliers, and ceramic departments of
schools.To see an example of the general layout and the package deals,
click here

ClayStation Publicity

So far the ClayStation has been focusing on the audience of ceramic
artists. Now that the ClayStation has officially opened it will focus on
finding buyers of ceramic art. The ClayStation has just been submitted
over 1500 search engines on September 7, 1999, so the traffic is
continuing to increase everyday.


A Call For Entries to The Virtual Ceramic Exhibition "ClayStation 2000"

For those who are ceramic artists, the ClayStation is providing a great
opportunity to show and sell your work online. This is a virtual
ceramics exhibition looking for high quality, innovative ceramic works.
Ceramists may submit ceramic pottery, ceramic sculpture, and ceramic
tiles. All three of these categories of ceramic art will be represented
the exhibition. Click here for more information
about this exhibition, a show application, or to view an example of the
layout of the Virtual Ceramic Exhibition ClayStation 2000, or to see an
application and information on the exhibition click here.


Ceramic Suppliers

The ClayStation has created a section dedicated to ceramic suppliers. To
check if your company's web site link, address, and phone number is
listed click here
To submit your site to the ClayStation you must fill out an online
form. To fill out this form click here If you don't have a web site, think
about having the ClayStation design one for you, and your new site will
automatically be placed into the ClayStation's Ceramic Showcase for free
for the entire first year. Also, this a great new and affordable way to
advertise to your customers click here for more
details. The ClayStation also designs web site banners that can be
just about anywhere on the ClayStation and on other sites. Click here for more
about advertising with banners on the ClayStation.


More Cool Columns.....

Clay Opportunities

This column is dedicated to the Opportunities in Clay page of the
ClayStation. There are many internet resources for ceramists looking
residencies, shows, jobs, grants, teaching positions and workshops.
Click here
to see the ClayStation's Opportunities in Clay page.


Best Clay Sites of Fall

Dys-Functional Pottery
of John Britt

Minnesota Clay


Digital Fire

Look in the next issue of the Conveyor to see articles about this
seasons winners.

To nominate a web site for the winter issue click here


Teachers of Ceramics

Last Spring I gave my ceramics classes an assignment that involved using
the ClayStation to research ceramic art, you'll be surprised how much
students will actually learn. Also consider the workshop I offer on
internet resources for the ceramic artist. Click here for more details.


Written by a fellow clayster and cyberspace friend,
Andy Clift


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