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new packing method--your large pieces

updated sat 11 sep 99


Susan Fox Hirschmann on fri 10 sep 99

I went thru the same thing a couple of years ago.....2 large pieces to ship
from VA. to New Hampshire. I wrapped each piece entirely in bubble wrap,
tightly. Then double boxed each piece, bastardaizing one box to fit in
another one just to create an extra strong wall......placed each piece on the
old egg carton filled with peanuts method-----and used tight newsprint around
the sides, and old carpet padding on the top. Of course.....the all
important "opening instructions"----for i too have experienced the
inexperienced Opener....who actually admitted that he broke a piece opening
the box!!!! jeez!!! all that work designing, creating, packing, and then the
person does not open it correctly. (which end up etc.)
As long as the piece is under UPS regulations for size, it would be ,more
cost effective to ship in cardboard box via ups, than a crate with common
carrier. I have researched this one too!
Good luck, and safe shipping!

susan fox hirschmann
annandale , virginia