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german ceramic sculpture competition

updated sat 11 sep 99


Janet Kaiser on fri 10 sep 99

Just thought I would tell the list about a ceramic competition sponsored by =
Nassau Savings Bank, in Wiesbaden. Six x DM 6,000 prizes will be made to the
those who make the short list and 1:5 models must be made and sent to =
for exhibition (and sale).

Before everyone goes wild, it is for a large sculpture of minimum 2 meter =
that is to be completely wind, weather, water and frost-proof. The jury will
want proof that the maker has enough technical know-how to substantiate any
claim re: weatherproof properties of the finished piece.

The application form appears to be in German only, but if anyone has/gets it=
needs some help, contact me and I will do what I can=21=21 Please note this =
is a
personal offer and unofficial. I am not a qualified translator and do not =
any responsibility for crossed wires=21=21

To register/get application form send to:

F=F6rderpreis Keramik 2000
Nassauische Sparkasse
Karl-Bosch-Strasse 10a
65203 Wiesbaden

For those who already have the application form, the building plan shows the
three possible sites that the finalist can choose from.

And for the very young, who are the two most famous Americans to be born in
Wiesbaden? (No there is no prize for getting this right). Yes, your very own
hound dog, Elvis Presley and one of the first temper tantrum juvenile tennis
stars John McEnroy (sp?). It is also where all the US Embassy hostages were
flown to from Iran... I know, I was living there at the time. Just up the =
from the biggest US military hospital outside the US. How is that for a =
claim to

Janet Kaiser

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