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"12 famous clay artists" /ceramics monthly survey

updated thu 9 sep 99


Joe Streno on wed 8 sep 99

Po Zhou,

In the case of Daniel Rhodes, you may want to contact Margret Carney at
Alfred University. <> She is (or was) the head of
the museum at Alfred University & also a professor there. Alfred owns many
works by Rhodes and may be able to help you with the info you need. She may
also be able to help you with the other artists as well.

Hope this helps .... Joe : )

Joe Streno


On Sunday, September 5, 1999 11:13:57 PM, Clayart China wrote:

> There was a list of 12 famous clay artists, a survey done by Ceramics
> Monthly Magazine (I forgot which issue). Their names were:
> Robert Arneson, Michael Cardew, Ruth Duckworth, Ken Ferguson, John Glike,
> Warren MacKenzie, Don Reitz, Daniel Rhodes, Paul Soldner, Toshiko Takaezu,
> Peter Voulkos, and Marguerite Wildenhain.
> I got photo copy rights and published articles of nine of them, but I can't
> get contact with three of them or their galleries. Who can help me?
> Their names are: Michael Cardew, Daniel Rhodes and Marguerite Wildenhain.
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