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philadelphia fringe festival

updated sun 5 sep 99


Frank M. Gaydos on fri 3 sep 99

The annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival will take place from Sept. 15 - 25.
If you are in the area, try to fringe. For more information:

"Fringe represents the next wave of artists communicating new, vibrant
ideas. The Festival weaves together 11 days and nights of more than 500
performances of dance, music and theater with art installations and new
forms that merge all disciplines, which take chances, inspire and challenge.
There are poignant plays that use dance and puppetry. There are beautiful
dances that use video and texts. Boundaries are being broken. Artists are
defining new traditions.

Fringe discovers innovative contexts for this work. We love presenting art
in unusual sites: a play in a car, dance in a warehouse, Shakespeare in a
diner. Fringe challenges the definition of art and where it can be found.

The Festival brings a liveliness to the streets of Old City, America's
birthplace for new ideas. We are proud to present this exciting new work and
these emerging artforms to Philadelphia. Enjoy Fringe '99."

Nick Stuccio
Board of Directors
Frank Gaydos
510 Gerritt St.
Philadelphia, Pa.