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dry, matte sprayed cone 6 glazes

updated thu 9 sep 99


Jim Cullen on fri 3 sep 99

I'm looking for bright, colored dry, matte sprayable Cone 6 Oxidation glazes.
Is it best to use stains to control the color, especially bright colors of

I've never worked with stains, is there anything magical about them? Is there
any reason why they can't be used to color the clay body? Is it wedged in wet
or dry?

I can fire to any temp under Cone 6, I'm using a Cone 6 porcelain.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

Naperville, Illinois

Bobbi Bassett on wed 8 sep 99

When I want a dry, matte, colorful finish at cone 6, I use underglazes
without glazing over them. For large areas they could get quite expensive.

Bobbi in PA