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the suit salesmen

updated fri 3 sep 99


clennell on thu 2 sep 99

I could have given this post the title "why I don't sell suits". Mel
claims to have set me up and he probably did the crafty ole fart.
Here goes.- You look very tall in that horizontally striped shirt, the
paisley tie looks wonderful with your plaid jacket, the red jacket makes
your blue eyes shine . this poor man has to make a sale. He has to tell
you that you look good or what you do is great. I am maybe hard in the
opinion dept. but for those that know me, know that I am hardest on myself.

I don't like gardening, liver, borsht or basketball. May I burn in hell!
I do have opinions. they are mine and not yours. Seperate the bullshit from
the straight goods. I respect people that don't sit on the fence. Group
hugs are not my style. I hug selectively.

When my pots get off track I hope my real friends will take me for a
bourbon and beer and break it to me gently. When my pots are on track I
hope they will also take me for a bourbon and a beer. the way I see it-
It's a win, win.
I told sheila that when I die the Guinness and Irish whiskey is on the
house. I'll get the last word because I won't have to get up in the morning
and you will.
P.S On that day I ain't wearing a suit. I am going to be a flame and then
off to potters field. god won't have me and the devil thinks I'll take
How am I doin', Mel?

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King St.
Beamsville, On. L0R 1B1