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peter king (book review)

updated fri 3 sep 99


James Blossom on thu 2 sep 99

Hi all.

I just recieved my copy of Peter King's new book "Architectural
Ceramics". Wow. The book is profusely illustrated, full of wonderful ideas
and techniques, and a bargain overall. I have just started to go through
it, so I'm not sure of omissions, but I did feel a lack of focus on drying
and firing the extremely thick and large pieces that were illustrated.
Other than that, a beauty through and through. A good buy indeed.

Mike Blossom
Sleeping Dog Designs
Albuquerque NM

"It is the art that gives the value, and not the material"

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From: Christopher J. Anton
Date: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 2:19 PM
Subject: Re: Peter King

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>> Peter King question.......................did Peter King go to Goddard
>> College in the early 70's TIA ruby
>I checked with Peter yesterday (gee, it's great living in Pensacola!) and
>no, he did not. His formal ceramics study was with Steve Hayworth at
>University of West Florida.
>BTW, his October workshop in P'cola still has not filled up. I'm hoping to
>be able to arrange things to be able to attend. He and Xinia assisted a t
>workshop at UWF given by Isabel Miranda (one of Xinia's past students and
>now teaching at a university in Costa Rica). Having seen how much I can
>learn from him when he is assisting at a workshop, I really want to get to
>one where he is instructing!!!!
> - Chris