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reduction rationale, etc.

updated thu 2 sep 99


Jeff Lawrence on wed 1 sep 99

Dear Clayart,

I want light reduction because it is the green grass on the other side of
the fence. Every few months I try to fire copper reds. I get greens,
whites, scabby browns, and black-eye purples. Every now and then I'll get a
pretty red somewhere on one side of an otherwise lackluster pot.

I want light reduction because:
- Robert Tichane advocates light reduction for copper reds.
- Tom Coleman uses light reduction for copper reds.
- David Hendley looked at one and said "too much reduction."

I suspect reliable reds will take me years at my current pace. But the
journey is a delight. And this list is truly amazing - a place where trying
to think like a rock particle going molten or a piece of copper oxide
interacting with burning gas doesn't seem like total lunacy... Thanks for
all the help and commentary!


P.S. And what is the difference between a 5 X 6 flue and a 9 X 9 flue that
is dampered down to 3.3 X 9 inches? My old California kiln rusting out back
in the shed had too a small flue (7000 feet above sea level here) and it
stalled at cone 2 up here, choking on its own reduction. I was determined
to have enough chimney on the new one.

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