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emergency -- need kiln fast!

updated wed 1 sep 99


Oorbee Roy on mon 30 aug 99

I am relatively new to pottery and have enjoyed (quietly) soaking in the
knowledge from all the great postings for the last several months.

I have procrastinated myself right into a bit of a jam and am asking for any
advice on how to get out of this one (I've said this so many times, you'd
think I'd have learned by now!). There is a wedding coming up this weekend
for which I promised 3 candle holders. . The bottom
line is, I've got two bisque fired and two green ware candle holders sitting
on my dining room table and I'm absolutely mortified because I have no place
I know of to get them done by Friday. My pottery school (closed now)
generally fires to cone 6, but I didn't glaze them so I don't think(?) it
matters. My question is, does any one know of a place in the New Jersey/New
York area (I live in Bridgewater which is central Jersey) that would fire
this stuff for me?

I thought my first question on clayart would be profound and thought
provoking, but as always procrastination has forced me to compromise my
beliefs and plead desperately for help instead!

Thanks in advance,
Oorbee Roy

Mason Batchelder on tue 31 aug 99

have a used kiln for sale in South Carolina and might consider selling a
small electric wheel for someone who is able to get them.