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maiden voyage firing bailey 38/24 shuttle kiln

updated fri 27 aug 99


Rafael Molina on thu 26 aug 99


At my new job with Eastfield College of the Dallas County Community College
District I fired our new Bailey 38/24 kiln last Friday. What a great

The first thing you notice is the ease of loading. When the car rolls out =
is easy access to the ware chamber for stacking. The kiln uses I believe =
14=22 x 16=22 x 3/4=22 shelves per level. The smaller and lighter shelves =
ease the
burden on the back ( I'm used to 12=22x24=22x1=22 shelves for a front =
loading Alpine.
I wonder where the fulcrum is along my spine and how it is damaged from the
stress). After loading, the car easily rolls forward and is held in place =
four bolts.

For my first firing I preheated overnight with only the pilot burners. When=
arrived the next morning the kiln was around 550 F. Using the instructions =
the Bailey manual I turned the burners on and then the blowers. The kiln
climbed steadily and I reduced at cone 010 for an hour. After reduction, I
adjusted the air and the gas for a steady climb to cone 10 2381 F.

What impressed me the most was how even the heat was distributed in the =
I used a thermocouple in the front top spyhole and the front bottom spyhole =
addition to the kilns thermocouple which is situated in one corner of the =
of the chamber at the top. As with all kilns I've experienced the temp =
in the early stage of the firing. After reaching the temp at which I =
the temp was very even. At the upper end of the firing at any one time the
three probes situated at different parts of the kiln were off by just a =
of single digits.

After three days I unloaded the kiln. The body reduction of the clays =
throughout the chamber. Some were warm and toasty others were yellow and =
The color development of the glazes was quite nice. I placed some tiles of
glazes that are particularly sensitive to reduction throughout the chamber =
(as a
sort of =22Canary in a Coal Mine.=22 Pardon my Police reference =3B-D). =
The celadon
and copper red came out well. The rutile blue=3B however, did not achieve =
correct color or texture. I attribute this to the temp and not the =
That glaze likes to go to =5E 11 2399 F and I only fired to =5E 10 2381.

The kiln is loaded and ready to be fired again. I'm going to fire on =
This will take care of all the Summer II work just in time for the Fall =
which begins on Monday.