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??the cost of firing ???

updated wed 25 aug 99


Brian Crocker on tue 24 aug 99

G"Day Clayartists,

I'm sure at some stage this question has cropped up, but I can't locate it in
the archives.

The Potter's Club of which I am a member in South Australia would like to charge
for the use of their Kilns at an hourly rate it is hoped it will be fairer
to all concerned. We are looking at the Electric Kilns first and later the
Natural Gas Kilns .

I have the price per Kw / hour and then intend to factor in ,

The replacement of elements HOW LONG DO THEY LAST ??
"" Kiln Shelves """ ??
"" Kiln furniture """ ??
"" Kiln bricks """ ??
Labour costs for each repair ??
Also the Amortization of each unit with the intention of buying a new kiln
later when the old
one has "Gone to God" and the "Kiln Devil" has lost it's, what ever it is ??
And there must be so many other Items to be taken into account. Can any Clay
suggest what should be added to cover all costs?? And any unforseen
circumstances ???

I'm sure when such a figure or formula is finally arrived at it will be a
factor that most of us
should add to our "cost per Pot" if we are going to "stay in business"..

Help One We Help Many.

Kind Regards to all.

Brian -C..
Brian Comley-Crocker.
4 Erica Street,
Tea Tree Gully 5091,
South Australia. [e.mail]
Phone/Fax: 08 8264 4136

The Crock maker.