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teapot show?-no thanks!

updated mon 23 aug 99


Craig Martell on sun 22 aug 99


Well Jeez, I was reading the latest Oregon Potter's Newsletter and what did
I come across but a call for entries to a teapot show in LA. And what
gallery is it? The Parham Gallery? Yep! Isn't this the Gallery that Veena
mentioned recently? Hmmmm!

They want a $25 jury fee and take 50% commission so I'd wager that they have
enough dough after the show to do a decent job of packing the returns and
maybe they could even spring for UPS instead of using the Postal Service.
OK, but I know one person who isn't responding to this for sure. I called
the newsletter editor for Oregon Potter's Assoc, and told her the deal,
which she will pass on to anyone she knows that might be tempted to enter.

What went around is on it's way back, I think.

Craig Martell in Oregon