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rhuddy workshop

updated sat 21 aug 99


Lynne Antone on fri 20 aug 99

I have been off the list for over a month, so I hope I am not repeating
previous information too much.

What a great time was had by all at Dannon's five day workshop in Bellingham
at Michael McDowell's farm. Dannon was such a giving teacher, I'm still going
over my notes. I think I am finally comfortable with making a teapot. Have
fought the process after previous failures, but now I think I can make them
so much easier. Her wheel thrown molds are so much easier than I thought,
once she shows you how and I am pretty proud of some of the textured pieces I
made. Thanks to Michael for having us there, gleaning for us from the garden
for our meals, the campfires every night and for a beautiful setting to learn
in (the lightening storm off in the distance was a real bonus). Thanks to
Dannon for being so open and patient and knowledgeable.

and on to my next message for my latest workshop.....

Lynne Antone
Olympia WA USA