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specific gravity.

updated mon 16 aug 99


John Tilton on sun 15 aug 99

There are so many variables to getting the right thickness of glaze
coating on the surface of a pot that, as Linda A. mentioned, I use a
glaze micrometer to determine the final thickness on the piece. I have
found that the SG methods do not really work for me as there are just
too many variables to find a formula.

The micrometer is a Sterrett 643 JZ to which I had the shoe machined at
a machine shop. It has been an indispensible tool for me for the last 20
or so years.

That said, there are a few ways to make glazes easier to apply. Some
sort of flocculation method is almost imperative, in my opinion. I've
used calcium nitrate, epsom salts, and muriatic acid, all to advantage.
I need to apply my glazes thinly and these flocculants keep the glaze
from shearing on itself as the pot is pulled out of the glaze.


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