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john colbeck workshop at la meridiana

updated fri 13 aug 99


Russel Fouts on thu 12 aug 99

I just came back from a very fine two week throwing workshop led by John
Colbeck at Pietro Maddalena's pottery in Tuscany.

John is an exceptional, patient and gracious teacher. The class was limited
to 12 so that, with the with his assistant Fanny Blackburne, they were able
to give individual assistance to everyone.

As if the chance to spend two weeks making pottery in Tuscany weren't
enough, Pietro gets top notch people like Takeshi Yasuda, Gabriele Koch, Ian
Bayers, David Leach and Jane Perryman to lead his special summer workshops.

For more information about this summer's workshops and the whole program,
please have a look at Pietro's site, La Meridiana

He should have information about next summer's courses sometime in

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