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fw: anyone outside of ca want to recommend their hometowns?

updated fri 13 aug 99


Amy Ramsey on thu 12 aug 99

Hello All,

I've got two locations to promote. First, I live in Bend, OR, and if you
don't mind a mild winter, and hot summers, this could be your place. The
town is quite diverse, and there is a great amount of GOOD claywork that
goes on here. For Carolyn's husband, he can telecommute--we have a DS3 line
into town (for those non-computer geeks, this is a REALLY FAT PIPE!
Highspeed internet access that most Big Cities dream of). So, your hubby
could work and you could play in the mud.

Secondly, think about Victoria, BC. The local government is very PRO
internet, and tbe services available will make him smile (my hubby checked
it out, cause he would like to live on a boat in the harbor, and still
manage his internet company, whilst I commute to somewhere like Robin
Hopper's studio in Nanaimo...1/2 hour away... and play in the mud).

Those are my 2 cents worth.
Best to you,

Amy Ramsey

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I've been looking for the same sort of place so how about compiling a list
the suggestions you get and post them to the list.

Carolyn Cooper wrote:

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> My husband and I are looking to relocate. I'm interested in "art
> communities" (places that are fertile grounds for artists, writers,
> photographers, particularly clay arts) with reasonably priced housing
> leaves out places the entire state of California, and places like Santa Fe
> and Aspen). I'd love to be within driving distance of a college with a
> strong ceramics lab/studio/curriculum.
> And we're also considering Canada (just gotta figure out how he works
> telecommuting to San Diego while I become a Canadian citizen...).
> I'm hitting the road at the end of August to check out places all over
> North America, so anyone who wants to promote their area I'd love to here
> from you. I'm dying to find a place with 3.5-4 seasons, weekend access to
> culture and a real sense of community, especially among the artists.
> Thanks so much and once we're settled I'll try to be more active on the
> list. It's just I can't answer too many of the ceramics tech questions,
> if anyone needs some web, graphics or computer help, I'd be happy to
> my "debt".
> Carolyn Cooper