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ups standards

updated thu 12 aug 99


John Jensen on wed 11 aug 99

There has been a lot of talk about what UPS will and won't take. Today I
received a shipment of parts for my old 1982 Vanagon Via UPS. The stuff was
loosely packed in paper confetti and lightly taped. The box was torn an =
were sticking out. I said something about shoddy packing and that I was
surprised that it had been accepted for shipment.
The UPS guy said with a sad tone, 'we'll take anything these days.=22 I =
ceramics and he said Oh..Well=21 Ceramics=21 That's real fragile.

Pointlessly. John Jensen of the Mudbug Pottery in Annapolis, home of the =
House....about 20,000 of them so far.