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oatmeal glaze cone 10

updated fri 6 aug 99


Wade Blocker on thu 5 aug 99

Dear Ron,
Here is a recipe for an oatmeal glaze I used in both oxidation and
reduction when I used to fire to cone l0. This is particularly nice on
porcelain or a white stoneware body. It matures at cone 9. The base recipe
is from Carleton Ball.

Soda Felspar 27grams
EPK 7.5
Colemanite 11.9
Dolomite 8.7
Talc 19.6
Flint 25.2
Barnard clay l0

this recipe gives an oatmeal color with light brown

If you substitute 10 grams of umber for the Barnard Clay , you get a lovely
mottled brown. Substituting l0 grams of ochre for the Barnard Clay
results in a nice dark brown glaze. Substituting 10 grams of crocus martis
results in a medium mat brown.
You could also try this base recipe with coarse rutile, or ilmenite
for brown specks.
Mia , from ABQ