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interesting 06 glaze for bonnie

updated thu 5 aug 99


Terri Storer on wed 4 aug 99

Here is a cone 06 glaze that I tested a while back, which had an interesting
appearence. I tested with 8=25 of a black stain, and got a nice varieated =
blue. The is from the Chappell book.

Clear Semi-Matt cone 06
ferro frit 3134 42.2
wollastonite 23.3
lithium carb. 7.4
EPK 20.5
silica 6.6
bentonite 2.0

I can not vouch for it's use as a functional glaze, only one with an
interesting appearence. I suspect that if you were to try any of the =
glazes in this range with lithium carbonate as an ingredient, you might find
one you like.

best regards,
Terri Storer in soggy Colorado

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