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updated sun 8 aug 99


Suzanne Furman on sat 7 aug 99

>>Is there a way to vacuum safely without having to exhaust to the
Well I have a thought to add to all this about vaccuuming....There is a
machine that Ionizes particles and puts Ozone in the air....particles are
either zapped or due to some sort of magnetization because of this process
grow to a size that makes them drop to the particles are now
large enough to be caught in a Hepa filter.....I have Asthma and have tried
out one of these machines for my house and was very satisfied.....and am
thinking about getting one for the studio as well.....does anyone out there
have any opinion about this kind of system......Thanks
Suzanne Kraman
Walnut Creek Pottery
Living here in the Blue Ridge where the mountains are really blue and there
are more potters per square inch than "Hector has pups"