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follow-up steven hill workshop

updated sat 7 aug 99


=?iso-8859-1?Q?Ren=E9?= Sprattling on fri 6 aug 99

Hi to all,
And a special thanks to you clayarters who attended the Steven Hill
workshop this past weekend here at Stone Burner Studio. What a great group
and a wonderful presentation by Steven. I only wish it could have been a
week long instead of just a weekend. A few of you, including Steven, gave
me some good suggestions for the next workshop. Thank you. One thing I
think I will definitely do is have an evening pot-luck for the
participants. When I get a couple more wheels I will also have an open
studio evening for those of you who just can't wait to try out all those
new ideas and techniques=21 (I will also nix the tables during the slide
show. Sorry about that. The hotel set it up and there was no time to undo
it. Should have specified before hand.)

Any of you out there with suggestions for workshop presentors in the future
please let me know. Also give me any other suggestions you might have
regarding time of year, length of workshop, and type of clay artists you
would be interested in. What about a glaze calculation workshop?

Many thanks to Steven and all of you again for making this first one such a
success. Steven really enjoyed this group and so did I. (What a great
potter eh?, And a great guy=21)

I am about halfway through the mailing list and will try to get one out to
all of you who are on it by the end of the week. Anyone else out there
wishing to be on the list for the next workshop please let me know by
e-mailing me privately (see below). Stone Burner Studio is near Grass
Valley Ca, in the beautiful Sierra Foothills, on 6 acres. Workshops are
held in an open-air barn, with lunch provided. We have lots of shade and
ample parking. We even had perfect weather this time=21

Ren=E9 Sprattling
Stone Burner Studio, Mostly Clay and Fine Crafts