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firing large sculpture firing twice?

updated mon 9 aug 99


Joy Holdread on sat 7 aug 99

In a message dated 8/4/99 8:23:38 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> I have a KilnMaster electronic controller. I just set the
> controller to fire in cone mode and select the slow fire setting. These
> firings
> usually take around 11 and 1/2 hours to complete. Because of the odd way
> the
> sculpture was loaded and the fact that I have never fired anything in a
> single
> firing, I let the kiln cool to 80 degrees. Then without disturbing the
> sculpture I fired again to cone 8, the clay's firing range is cone 7 to
> 10.
> I saw no need in carrying it all the way to cone 10. Again, this was at
> slow setting. On glazed pieces, I fire to cone's 8 or 10, these firings
> about 14 hours. As I stated before, anything using steel or metals are put
> together after the firing of the ceramic pieces.

I'm wondering why you are firing it twice? If you're not adding glaze,
oxides or surface treatment between firings, why the bisque then the final
firing? I have a 33 inch tall sculpture made in two press molds with paper
clay & I'm planning to fire it once to cone 8. Any words of wisdom will be
Joy in Tucson planning a Chicago trip soon.

CNW on sun 8 aug 99

Joy- I can't speak for anybody else but I'm too cheap to fire twice. Except
for the occasional functional piece that is.
I just take things rrrreeeaaaalllllyy ssssloooww. I candle for 8 to 14 hours
depending on the building method and thickness then up slowly from there.
I use commercial glazes to 04 and some plain 5 when the fit takes me. I've
had bad luck with low fire amaco gloss and other low fire gloss bubbling
doing this though. Matts are fine. And so are the ^5.
I've been stumbling along on my own until last year when I went back to
school and also found clayart. So my methods may be madness. ;^)

Celia in NC----pitifully whining about my sore thumb-tendonitis would you
believe? trivial but irritating