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underglazes ?

updated thu 5 aug 99


Chuck Nunnelly on sun 1 aug 99

Will underglazes painted on bone dry ware stick to the shelves in the bisque

Chuck Nunnelly
Mechanicsville VA

Sharon R Pemberton on tue 3 aug 99

No, they won't. Follow directions for suggested use, then experiment. I like
Duncan EZ Stroke

Phyllis E. Tilton on tue 3 aug 99

Chuck: No. I have used many underglazes on the bottoms and sides of pots.
Have never had one stick to the kiln shelf. The only scenario that I can
imaginge, if it would be put on really, really thick. My reason for using it,
sometimes, on the bottom of pots is to eliminate the color of the clay.

Phyllis Tilton

Patsy Catsos on wed 4 aug 99

In a message dated 8/2/99 4:57:36 AM, you wrote:


No. For once, a question that I can answer :)

Patsy Catsos
Cape Elizabeth, ME