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kiln/electric/fire alarm during power failure

updated sun 1 aug 99


Janet Kaiser on fri 30 jul 99

Hi Clayarters=21

Several threads come together here, although (as always) I can only speak =
conditions in the UK and not world wide. :-)

We inherited a fire alarm system in our house (a former B=26B guest house) =
goes off if there is a power cut or any other electrical fault like a blown
fuse. It is not a =22fall-out-of-bed-my-god-the-house-is-on-fire=22 sort of =
but it is enough to wake Eckhard (not me, I sleep through ANYTHING - Yes, =
proven: including earthquakes=21) =3Ev. big grin=3C

(In case you are worried about our safety in a real fire... The alarm for =
is full power and would wake the dead. Fortunately it is also triggered off =
=22high chemical contamination levels=22 - not just heat and smoke=21 =
Anything =22nasty=22
from the workshop will set it off including adhesives, paint fumes, etc.)

Anyway, if a similar system were installed in your house, it would wake you =
no need for a wire connecting the bedroom with the workshop. You also then =
a treble safety feature... Fire, fumes and kiln alarm=21 Super dooper safety=
fact=21 :-)

Alternatively, (and this also addresses the PC thread of power cuts/surges) =
is possible to use a UPS (or is it USP?) which is basically a glorified =
pack/battery which will automatically switch on as soon as the power goes =
(for whatever reason). Some models also have an alarm so you know it has
switched on. Mine can power the PC for up to three hours, lesser ones for 20
minutes or so. This would be adequate to continue =22feeding=22 the
electric/electronic thermostats, etc. on a gas kiln, but would obviously not=
enough to continue electric firing=21 However, it is a handy device to have
around... An added feature is the phone hook up, which will also protect =
modem from power surges.

I have not used it on a kiln, because quite honestly I learned very early in
life never to leave a kiln on its own... No matter how many devices, bells,
alarms or hooting horns you have, nothing will be 100=25 =
O.K. Anyway, I kind of like working at night...

Janet Kaiser where the honey suckle is scenting the night air, after =
seeing the sun for the FOURTH day in a row and temperatures just about =
the 20 Celsius mark indoors in the stone-built 19th century Chapel of Art,
Criccieth LL52 0EA, GB-Wales
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