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homebaked bread and kiln abuse

updated sat 31 jul 99


Hannah Brehmer on fri 30 jul 99

I almost forgot the wonderful use I put my old 24 c.f. downdraft to
many years ago. The woman next to my shop in Carmel Valley had a HUGE old
apricot tree. One summer the big old limbs were so heavy with fruit that
some broke off and fell to the ground. The apricots were mushy ripe, but
someone said that's when they're best for drying. So I covered my shelves
with foil, cut thousands of apricots in half and spread them out on all the
shelves, lit a couple burners and left them candling all day. The
wonderful smell makes my mouth water today. People from the neighborhood
just gravatated to my shop! They wanted to know where the fabulous smell
was coming from. Those apricots were the sweetest, most succulent dried
fruit I've ever eaten. Unfortunately the tree succumbed to old age and
broken limbs. I think the kiln is still in use.

Hannah from Lake Tahoe