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from vince pitelka to residents of or, wa, id, bc

updated wed 28 jul 99


Michael McDowell on tue 27 jul 99

Dear Clayart Friends -
I am having a wonderful summer trip, teaching workshops, camping, visiting
family and friends. I have been camping my way across the country, and when I
get back to Tennessee and the Craft Center perhaps I will relate some of the
high points. But for now I just want to put out a message for anyone living
within reasonable distance of Michael McDowell's studio and farm in
northwestern Washington state. We had a great group for my colored clay
workshop last week, and we have another great group for my Ancient Clay
workshop this week. There is still plenty of room in Dannon Rhudy's workshop,
and I can't understand why. You have the opportunity to take a workshop from
one of the most exciting and knowledgeable ceramic artists active in the
country today, and it seems that almost all the participants are from out of
the area. Hardly anyone within the local area is taking advantage of this
great opportunity. There are plenty of people to run the workshop, and it
will be a great success, but if you are available next week and want to take a
terrific workshop, I suggest you contact Michael McDowell ASAP at

Some additional selling points - the setting here is absolute heaven. All the
participants either camp out on site out in the orchard, or stay in the
bed-and-breakfast next door. We prepare lunch and dinner together every day,
and we eat EXTREMELY WELL for very little money. We barbecue quite a bit, but
have no trouble accommodating vegetarians, especially since Michael's large
organic vegetable garden is at our disposal. The workshops are taught in a
huge concrete-floor barn which has bundles of garlic curing on the walls. On
the east side of the barn is a large roll up door with a view of snow-capped
Mt. Baker. Bellingham and Ferndale are close by, with many great shops and
restaurants. Great beaches, hiking, and fishing are also not far away. I
guarantee you that this is one of the most interesting and enjoyable workshop
venues anywhere in the country.

There is still time to sign up for Dannon's workshop. It is already
confirmed, but I'd love to see some more of you sign up for it.

Next Saturday, after my last workshop is over, I head south to the Klamath
River in Northern California to visit friends, then some camping on the ridge
between the South Fork and Middle Fork of the Yuba River, in the Sierras, then
a few days in Berkeley with my dad, then a few days in Ukiah with my wife and
her family, then my niece gets married in Mendocino on August 14, then I drive
2450 miles back to Tennessee in four days. When it is all over I will have
driven a total of about 14,000 miles this summer. I am having fun. Hope
everyone is having a good summer.
Best wishes -
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Crafts
Tennessee Tech University