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mason stains on ^10 glazes

updated mon 26 jul 99


Ana Gonzalez-Martingale on sat 24 jul 99

Hi everyone,
I have a question, I was told I can use mason stains on ^10 clear glazes in
order to get bright colors. Now, I would like to know what proportions of
mason stains and clear glaze I need to mix. Also, do I add the mason stain
powder right onto the glaze or do I dissolve it first in water or what. This
question might sound so simple but this is the first time I try this. I also
heard about CERTEC, a kind of stain powder used to obtain the same bright
color effect. Are the proportions the same as if I used mason stains and what
exactly is the difference.
I would appreciate if anyone can help me out on this one. Again, I am firing
at ^10.
Thank you for your time.

Ana G.M.